As a photojournalist, I see things to photograph everywhere. In this gallery, you'll see a mixture of news photography, some of which has been published in the Gainesville Sun, and feature photos, which includes portraits and landscapes.

To become a good photojournalist, it's important to be culturally sound. I've traveled to wherever I could aquire funds which includes the Phillippines, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, many national parks in the U.S., the Bahammas, and Aruba. Some of these photos were taken abroad in some of the places mentioned.

In the photography profession, I find it important to have a specialty, however, I find it more important to specialize in various topics. As a student, I'm constantly producing new work for my classes. However, I don't see this changing when I graduate.

  • Filipino children at a remote school in the Philippines
  • A Capuchin monkey family on the beach at Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica
  • The after-effects of a car accident on University Ave in Gainesville
  • The dark eyes of a toddler in the Philippines
  • An infant awaiting breakfast in the Philippines sitting in a hand-built high chair made by her father
  • A farmer riding home on his carabou carridge after a hard day on the plow
  • Toddler Colton Martin covered in cake on his 1st Birthday
  • Filipino children at a school excited to see their first Americanos
  • An accident on I75 that held up traffic for an hour when a gator fan flipped their SUV
  • The Atlantic Ocean speckled with surfers at sunset in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
  • Luscious green surrounds a hut-called-home on a Filipino farm in the Philippines
  • A carabou sneaks up on a young Filipino boy completely unphased by the beast's attraction to him
  • A Gainesville High School tackle of a Wolves receiver in Gainesville, Fl
  • A young girl in the Philippines stands by a dirty wall at an elementary school as if she was posing
  • A Gainesville High School Hurracane reciever runs for a touchdown in Gainesville, Fl
  • A Filipino boy in middle-school sits amongst the Tsunami damage of 2008 at his school in the Philippines
  • A fight for the ball in an intramural Rugby game at UF in Gainesville, Fl
  • A Filipino man making his living collecting sticks along the roadside
  • The vicious contact in an intramural Rugby game at UF
  • Defenders struggle to take down a UF Rugby player as he struggles to get the ball
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