Who is Olivia Gonzalez?

I've certainly asked myself who am I, plenty of times, but truthfully speaking, I'm a twenty year young junior at the University of Florida, trying to feed the curious and hungry. I'm a Public Relations major with a background in journalism. I like to read, cook, bake, and the blog in my spare time. I accredit my natural cooking talents to my mother, who became a great cook on her own at home, and of course, my father, a Johnson and Wales graduate, who has had his own restaurant and has worked in many of the best country clubs, and hotels Orlando, and South Florida can offer. They were the ones to teach me little tricks to save time and to create something delicious while I am away from home. Without them, the inspiration of this project would have probably come from something boring and less skillfull. I hope I can help you on your mission in the kitchen; any questions, comments, or requests, email me at the link below!

I don't think I give my mom enough credit when it comes to my ability to be independent. Sure, cleaning can be a drag and even worse when I had her telling me what to do all the time. Cooking, however, as much as I detested it back home, has become something I've really grown to love in the time I've been away. My mom, has taught me some of her tricks in the kitchen throughout the years, and honestly, without them I'd never would want to cook a meal because it'd take me way longer than necessary. When it comes to cooking the Cuban/Hispanic favorite black beans and rice she says, "it's better out the can, than to spend a whole night putting pressure on the beans." What does it mean to put pressure on the beans? My mother quickly answered during our interview, "soaking the beans over night, and then letting them cook for hours in the pressure cooker...in these days women don't have time to spend hovering over a stove for one meal. We (women) have our shows to watch at night!" As much as it seems like she's joking, and she kind of is, my mother truly is making a point: we as young women (and young men) don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen at night. We have to study, go to meetings, attend class, do homework, and all the extra, that cooking can seem more tediuous than anything else we have going on. That's why, my mother and her delicious, and easy culinary tricks are the true inspiration for this website.

My mother and I