What Do I Need Again?

Now for each meal there will be a list of ingredients, and the usual price of each. I recommend buying a good amount of the smaller ingredients (like salt, adobo, pepper, garlic/onion powders, etc.) because you'll be using them often and if you continuously go out to buy more little containers, well, you waste gas, time, and more money than necessary. Vegetables vary in prices due to the season, as well as fish and fruits. So be wary. If you have a membership to Sam's Club or Costco or BJ's, I recommend buying your red meats there, just because you can buy more at reasonably cheaper prices. Whatever you don't use that night to cook with, freeze it. The same with some of your leftovers (like pasta sauces, soups, cooked beans, etc). It makes it easier to just defrost and reheat for a quick, and easy meal.

Shopping List for Ropa Vieja

  1. 1 green bell pepper--price varies per pound.
  2. 1 Hormel Beef Au Jus package--$6.99
  3. A package of Sazon Accent (original)--You can buy a big package for $2.99 and save the rest of it for later use.
  4. 1 white onion (not Vidalia)--price varies per pound.
  5. A jar of Goya or Conchita Olives, Manzanilla style--$1.79
  6. A small jar of capers--$1.29-$1.39 (depending size)

If you don't have EVOO at home, I suggest you pick up a small bottle. It does get costly, so if you do have the chance, I suggest buying one of the larger containers of EVOO from Sams or Costco.