Buying your ingredients for desserts

Now for each meal there will be a list of ingredients. I recommend buying a good amount of the smaller and/or dry ingredients (like salt, baking powder, baking soda, flour, vanilla, etc.) because you'll be using them often and if you continuously go out to buy more little containers, well, you waste gas, time, and more money than necessary. If you have a membership to Sam's Club or Costco or BJ's, I recommend buying your vegetable oil there, just because you can buy more at a reasonably cheaper price. Vanilla can get expensive. so if you have the money at the moment, splurge on a good size bottle of vanilla extract (not imitation). It's worth it!

Shopping List for Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. 1 bag of milk, semi-sweet, or dark chocolate chips
  2. 1 bag of light brown sugar--
  3. 1 bag of granulated sugar
  4. Vanilla extract
  5. Baking soda
  6. Salt
  7. Eggs
  8. All-Puporse flour
  9. 1 pound (2 sticks) of unsalted butter

OPTIONAL: 1 cup of chopped Nuts (of your choice) is also a nice crunch to add to these cookies. I didn't use nuts just because I don't like them in my cookies.

Also, make sure you have a mixer, or spoon, for mixing and two good size bowls. I use plastic bowls that come with lids for the batter because when the batter is finished I can always save some for the future. I don't have to make dozens and dozens of cookies all in one night.

Ingredients for Chocolate Chip cookies

Ingredients for Chocolate Chip Cookies are pictured above: All-purpose flour, eggs, vanilla, brown sugar, salt, baking soda, chocolate chips and sugar.