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Ropa Vieja (Shredded beef in a simple sauce) and Rice

  1. Before you get to really cooking, you want to start cooking your rice. If you have a rice cooker, like myself, you just measure out the rice with a dry measuring cup, add the same amount of water (1:1 ratio), about a cup of vegetable oil and salt. The same goes if you're cooking in a pot over stove top, except you have to watch it more often, because you don't want it to burn. Don't be afraid to try the oil/water/salt mixture. You have to make sure it's not salty. Salty rice is a big "no no." But if you have neither, a couple boil in a bags of rice won't hurt.
  2. Chop your onion, green pepper, and garlic into small pieces.
  3. In a medium sautee pan, on medium (around 6 or 7) heat, pour a about a little less than 1/2 a cup of evoo, add your onions, garlic, and peppers, and just a little bit of sofrito and let that cook for a couple seconds.
  4. Go ahead and add the beef au jus and all the sauces it comes with. With forks, go ahead and break up the big chunks. It breaks up really easy, so make sure you break it up really well.
  5. Add the entire can of tomato sauce, and to really clear out the can, fill it with a little bit of water (like an inch or so), and pour into the pan. Also, add the Sazon packet in it's entirety, and add your olives and capers as well.
  6. Let that simmer for a few minutes, and by the time that the ropa vieja is ready, your rice should be ready as well.
  7. Serve over rice. Bien Provecho!
Three healthy servings

Three + meals are made just from one box, so you'll have plenty of leftovers. Reheat and enjoy!