Are You Hungry? Are You Practically Broke?

It's hard to budget for groceries when you have school, textbooks, and rent/car/insurance/phone payments, too. I understand your pain; I understand the frustrations of budgeting out some money for life's necessities when you only have so much. Now, that's why I have decided to create this website. For the young and hungry college student who only has so little money and time to cook. I'll teach you money saving and time saving techniques, so you can go back to studying or go to work as soon as possible. We all know that school comes first, but those hunger pangs are troublesome.

But first some terminology:

  • EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sofrito (SOH-FREE-TOH): A simple cooking base made of a bunch of herbs, spices and can be either cilantro or tomato based.
  • Sazon (SAH-ZON): seasoning base for rices, various meats, and sauces.
  • Saute (SAW-TAY): to lightly fry a small amount of food in fat/oil.
  • Sear: to cook the surface of an amount of meat/fish/poultry with intense heat.

Now, let's get cooking!

Money being taken out of a wallet

Don't go broke over some groceries! Cheap can still be delicious and homemade!