How It's Made

In order to make a simple maki sushi rolls, the following ingredients are needed:

Rice- white or brown, can be bought at a grocery store
Nori- a type of edible seaweed, can be bought at a gourmet food store or kitchen supply store
Raw fish- your choice! Try tuna or salmon
Vegetables- your choice! Avocado, asparagus, carrot, cucumber, etc.
Wooden sushi roller- series of flat wooden sticks that roll the sushi
Cup of water- for keeping your hands wet


  1. Lay the nori on the rolling mat with the rough side facing upwards
  2. Wet your hands, and take a handful of rice. Roll it into a ball.
  3. Put the rice ball in the middle of the nori sheet and spread, creating an equal layer of rice covering almost the entire sheet. Leave about a 1in margin along the both edges of the nori.
  4. Place a slice of fish along the edge of the nori, along with your choice of pre-cut slices of vegetables.
  5. The tricky part: places both hands on one end of the roller, so that you will be rolling parallel to the slices. Quickly flip the roller in a circular motion, keeping the food on the roller.
  6. Roll until the seaweed has come full circle and formed a wrap. Dab a little bit of water along the roll to keep the ingredients in place.
  7. Enjoy!