The Beatmania IIDX Console Controller

Beatmania IIDX controller

Let’s talk controllers for a bit.

To get this out of the way, you can totally play any console release of Beatmania IIDX using a standard PlayStation 2 dualshock controller. I can’t possibly think of a reason why you would want to, but you can. I’ll just say that it is really confusing and you probably won’t have much fun doing so.

In terms of official Beatmania IIDX controllers, there are two varieties. There is a standard console controller, which is the most economical version, and there is the arcade style controller. The biggest difference between these two controllers are that the arcade style controller is made to the exact same dimensions as what you would find on a Beatmania IIDX arcade machine.

At the time of writing this, both types of controllers are out-of-print. However, Konami has issued a statement saying they are going to be re-releasing the console style controller, possibly in anticipation of a console release of Beatmania IIDX 17: Sirius. Therefore, they should be reappearing in import stores soon.

I do own both an arcade style controller as well as two console style controllers. I bought the arcade style controller mainly because I became very used to the dimensions of the arcade machine while I lived in Japan. However, for newcomers to the series or those who do not expect to play the arcade versions of the game, the console style controller is quite serviceable.

If you would like to get an overview of the console style controller and its functions, feel free to view this short tutorial.

Controller Tutorial