Obesity statistics generated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Many students believe going away for college is an exciting adventure as they experience freedom and living on their own, somewhat, for the first time. But a number of them do not recognize the negative effects college can have on their health if they aren't conscious of their diet and behaviors. While it is easy to stop by the vending machine between classes, it is at your own interest to choose a healthier alternative.

But a poor diet isn't the only thing that will hinder your health. You may agree that sleep and college are not very compatible with all the "studying" you do on those late nights. But sleep is actually very important to maintain a healthy life. Hey, maybe you are one of those people who can function on three or four hours of sleep, but most people cannot. So it is crucial that you get enough rest, and on a regular schedule.

While Gainesville's transportation is very reliable and students have free access to the bus system, which is constantly circulating around campus. Although it is easy to hop on Route 121 down the hill to the HUB, walking is a healthier alternative.

And while no one likes to hear it, consuming alcohol isn't the healthiest decision either. College students are at risk for binge drinking, as you may have experienced. While drinking excessively can lead to dependency and even poisoning, it also leads to weight gain.