I've included some examples of my paintings here not for their technical mastery but to show the results of different painting options. Watercolor pencils are versatile enough to create all of the effects shown -- with the exception of the pen lines, of course.

Example Painting: Fall

Here, I've indicated where the different techniques are used.

The sketching-first option is well suited to hair because although water may be applied later, the lines from the sketch will show through a bit.

The second option resembles traditional watercolor and makes for smooth painting. On the woman's coat, I've used a wet brush to pull pigment off the tip of a pencil. I then paint as I would with watercolor pans, merely replacing the paint pans with the pencils.

The third technique makes for a quick and interesting texture. It involves spreading color striaght from a wet pencil tip. Here, I've worked it in bold swirls to imply autumn trees.

I should also point out that the black lines are in pen. If you plan to paint over your lineart, be sure to use a waterproof ink.

Example Painting: Parrot Head

This second piece shows the power of the third technique. The background was painted in a watercolor style, but the drawing was freehanded in wet pencils. I find this look interesting because it blurs the line between drawing and painting.

Example Painting: Storm God

My last example is here to show the power of watercolor pencils if combined with other media -- in this case, it's white acrylic paint. Most of the painting was executed in watercolor pencils first, with darker edges done with a wet pencil tip. I then worked some white acrylic into the blue clouds, blending it with the watercolor pencil. This makes the blues both brighter and more opaque. I also used white to draw the curtain of rain.

If you don't have acrylic paints, don't worry. White watercolor pencil can also be used for highlights, as seen in the storm god's breath.

I hope you've gotten a bit of inspiration from these examples, but remember that lessons for art can be garnered from anywhere, not just paintings. Take a look around you, and get inspired!