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Polyvore Page

Polyvore has the largest online fashion community. Users are able to search for clothes, accessories and more from all over the world to buy or display. Users can share outfits they create while finding outfits other users make themselves. Polyvore can be used for shopping, blogs, sharing with your friends on Facebook/Twitter, or just for fun.
Sets I recommend:
.232 Canlas
No Greater Love
Cold Beach
Gossip Girls
Je suis
Drivin' me wild
Bandeau dresses

Bandeau dresses by nicoleannd featuring a blue dress
Pick out a type of style, search for it on the website and pick out your favorites. Examples: Bandeau under Dresses, beanies under Accessories, owl under anything.

Rain boots

Rain boots by nicoleannd featuring a print bag
Create an outfit by the season. Pick a background that goes with the outfit.

Bow bags

Bow bags by nicoleannd featuring a leather suede bag

Sweet by nicoleannd featuring denim jeans
Summer flowers

Summer flowers by nicoleannd featuring a large black tote bag

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