Sauces and Gravies

Sauces and gravies can add that extra je ne sais quoi to a dish. Sauce is "a French word taken from the Latin salsus, meaning salted".1 It only makes sense that the word is derived from French. France is known for its culinary achievements and one of the most famous achievements are the "mother sauces". The mother sauces are four base sauces set forth by Antonin Careme in the 19th century. A fifth sauce was later added by Chef Auguste Escoffier in the 20th century.2 The five mother sauces are bechamel, veloute, tomat, espagnole, and hollandaise.

Furthermore, a gravy is simply a sauce made from the juices "that run naturally from meat or vegetables during cooking." 3 The knowledge to make a gravy or sauce will help enhance any meal you make. What makes sauces great is that most sauces require common ingredients and give you a great taste without breaking the bank.

The following recipes can help you begin your gravy and sauce-making future:
Cheese Sauce

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