What should be bought only on sale?

Food can be expensive. However, when an item goes on sale it can go from an expensive ingredient to a budget-able and delicious treat. Every store is different so keep an eye on your local store's sales and remember that some items do not go on sale often.


There's no reason to pay full price for most meats. Meat goes on sale so often that you wont become a vegetarian while waiting for it to become affordable. In general, affordable beef roasts include rump, rolled rump, bottom round, top round, and eye-of-round.1 Keep in mind that meats will often go on sale when they are approaching the sell-by date. Look at the date, examine the color, and smell the meat when purchasing beef on sale.You should use or freeze the meat faster than you would non-sale meats, within one (1) day max.

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Chicken can be a difficult item to shop for. Frozen chicken breasts may seem like a great deal, but often times fresh cuts will be cheaper. Buy frozen chicken breasts on sale only; otherwise, stick to fresh cuts. Thighs can be a great deal if you enjoy dark meat and stay moist easier. Skin on and bone in chicken will also be cheaper than the boneless/skinless ones.

Block Cheese

There are a lot of varieties of cheese and a lot of price variations. One misconception many people have is that a block of cheese is cheaper than pre-shredded cheese. Often times, you'll be surprised to find that the pre-shredded cheese is the same price or cheaper than the block. If you want a block of cheese, wait for it to go on sale. It's not unusual to see buy-one-get-one-free blocks of cheese.

Fruits and Vegetables - assorted

Some fruits and vegetables are just plain expensive. The best time to buy any produce is when it is in-season. The prices will be cheaper and it will taste better because it is fresher. However, some items are still expensive even when they are in-season. The following items typically go on sale at very reasonable prices: green bell peppers, spinach, peaches, tomatoes, and many other items. Always keep an eye on produce because a sale price can make almost anything affordable.

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