Ramen and Pasta


Ramen noodles and pasta: two culturally different foods that are based on the same culinary idea. Ramen noodles and pasta are both unleavened dough served in a variety of ways. While many people may associate noodles with Italy, the world's oldest noodles were discovered in China. Radiocarbon dating indicated that "the food was about 4,000 years old", making it older than the earliest written record of noodles from the East Han Dynasty.1 These ancient noodles resembled the modern La-Mian noodle, a handmade Chinese noodle. There is much debate regarding the origination of ramen; however, it is believed that ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of La Mian. Furthermore, it "became such a great favorite in Sapporo, the capital of Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido, that it is now considered to be their regional dish". 2

Just as the ramen noodle is iconic of Japanese cuisine, the word pasta brings about thoughts of Italian dishes. In fact, the Italian word pasta is from the Latin word (of the same spelling) which meant "dough, pastry cake".3 Regardless of origination, it is apparent that humanity loves noodles in all its variations.

It's not hard to see why ramen and pasta are a common ingredient in Bachelor Chow. They are affordable, widely available, and have immense diversity in the flavors that can be achieved. Furthermore, a recipe that traditionally calls for a pasta can easily substitute the cheaper ramen noodle allowing for a cheaper and quicker meal.

We have the following ramen and pasta recipes available to try:
Zucchini Pasta in a Butter Sauce

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