Baked Goods


It is said that baking is nearly as old as man's creation of fire. Early man mixed broken grains with water, forming a paste, then cooked it on a flat stone over a fire to create a primitive flat bread.1 Fortunately, the methods used to bake bread have evolved over time allowing a variety of confections and pastries to form.

Many people believe that baking is a long and strenuous process. However, once the basics are learned, it is easy to begin learning how to create your own baked goods with ease. What makes baking a great option for bachelor chow is that the ingredients are cheap, the recipes can be very simple, and it follows specific guidelines so that once the process is mastered it can become second-nature.

Ready to put on your baking hat? Try these Bachelor Chow recipes:
Chewy Brownies
Beer Bread

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