What is Bachelor Chow?

Boring, old bachelor food

Bachelor Chow is the concept of cheap and easy meal ideas that suit the bachelor lifestyle. Some recipes take cheap ingredients and transform them into something much more elegant. Other recipes will show how to utilize common ingredients and make meals that seem complicated in very easy steps. Either way, the resulting product will be a meal that is as easy on the wallet as it is to make.

The idea of Bachelor Chow was inspired by a product featured on the animated show, Futurama. According to theinfosphere.org, "Bachelor Chow is a food product similar to packaged, dry dog food. It's customarily served in a bowl and water is added for flavor".1 Although the show likens the product to dog food, it still implanted the idea of creating a television show or website that showcased bachelor-style recipes. Thus, Bachelor Chow was born.

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