Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get information for your articles?

I do a little bit of research but most of it comes from my two years of experience in Speech in Debate in high school and the coaching I did after I graduated.

Why did you start this web site?

It was part of a project for my Communication on the Internet class. We had to create a web site that would involve some sort of “explanatory journalism.” That basically means it had to instruct you how to do something. I figured public speaking was the subject I could most comfortably write about and offer expertise in.

Who wrote the articles?

I did, by myself. It’s pretty lonely. I’m debating whether or not to continue with this. If I get more writers, This site will really be something.

Who are you?

Me? Miguel Chateloin, third-year journalism major at University of Florida.

How often do you update this?

I try writing an article about once a week and making a video every other week. Hopefully I can stick to that schedule, as slow as it may be. Like I said, I’m only one person.

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