Psych yourself into a confident state of mind

Let’s assume for a minute that you did all the preparation.

You’ve rehearsed your speech in the mirror a hundred times and you’ve drilled yourself with every practicing technique in the book.

And then you still feel nervous.

Scratch that, unless you’re not human, you’re always going to feel nervous. It’s natural and no one gets over it no matter how good of a speaker they are. The most we can do is minimize and channel that feeling over time until we’re barely aware it’s there at all.

That means not letting the quick beating of your chest, or the shaking of your hands, or the judging thoughts in your head to snowball into down a hill of anxiety.

And the way you do that is with a “confidence phrase.” This is a saying that you learn to associate with success and can repeat to yourself in your head or out loud when you’re nervous before a speech (or anything really that gives you the jitters). You need to psych yourself into a different state of mind as soon as you get the jitters before your speech.

It can be something like, “I’m going to nail this. Everyone is going to love this speech.”

Or, “This is just a speech. I’ve been through worse.”

Or as simple as, “Time to kick some butt.”

Your phrase can be anything you want. It can be a motivational quote you like, or even outright self-flattery. If you need to inflate your ego, by all means, go ahead, as long as it makes you feel confident. You might already do this anyways without knowing, so just be more persistent in telling yourself you’re going to succeed.