For daily outfits around campus, comfort is the key. Jeans, flat shoes and mess-free accessories are the best way to quickly get dress in the mornings and run around campus. Materials such as jean and cotton are comfy yet cheap and easy to maintain. Key items for any wardrobe: dark pair of jeans, cardigans, simple tank tops and flat shoes. You will also look more stylish if one of your items has a pop of color or an interesting print, like the red cardigan or the snake-printed skirt below.

The same outfits can be transformed for night by changing a couple of items.

For the night outfits, I added a sparkly blazer and black wedges to the cut-off shorts and stripped tank top. Usually, sparkly tops are reserved for going out, and tall heels gives you confidence. I chose a platform wedge instead of a pointy heel since its so much easier in them, especially for people who struggle walking in heels. What is the whole point of having a great outfit if you keep stumbling around? Having a great pair of black shoes will keep you from buying a billion shoes for every occasion. For a professional look, a black blazer is an essential. Black goes with anything, and it also makes you look slimmer.

You can still represent UF while looking stylish. Forget the basketball shorts and baseball cap, all you need is a good pair of dark jeans and accessories that complement each other. The scarf and purse are pink, which match with the hint of light pink in the sneakers. The UF sweater was bought for around $15 at the UF Bookstore in the Reitz Union. Probably one of the cheapest items in the store, the sweater is incredibly comfy and the fleece material keeps you warm.