Jewelry is a great way to enhance any outfit. From pearl earrings to a simple necklace, these accessories are found everywhere at a wide arrange of prices. But be pleasantly unpredictable by adding other kinds of accessories to your outfit. Hats, scarfs and bold shoes would make you stand out from the ordinary necklace-and-earrings combo.

Not only is a hat trendy, it can also save time if you don't feel like doing your hair. It disguises a bad hair day along with your natural hair roots if you can't afford to dye your hair. Step away from a baseball cap and look at other opinions like a summer straw hat or a beanie for those cold days.

Scarfs are my personal favorite. They can cover your hair from the rain and also keep you warm. Versatile and easy to carry around, they can also add color to a make-up free face. I have a pink scarf and it makes your cheeks look flushed. It also suits every kind of skin tone.

If you don't want to look like you killed a zoo, only one item from your outfit should be animal print, preferably an accessory. A fall trend among celebrities is wearing animal-printed shoes. I had to purchase a pair myself, and the zebra print enhances an outfit. These boots are from the clothing store, Urban Outfitters. Originally costing around $80, I got them for around half the price. Always look at the sale section, since UO's shoes are good quality. P.S, If you have a Facebook, "Like" stores like UO, since they offer exclusive discounts for the FB fans.