Dear Gator Ladies:

The days when our faces glowed from beach tans and our manicures remained intact are gone when college hits you hard. With those 10-page essays and late hours at your job, it seems daunting to add a beauty routine to your coffee-loaded mornings. Dragging around campus pasty pale and nervously snacking your nails away, you feel like giving up on looking nice.

However, don't underestimate the power of some eyeliner and a sparkly top. Apart from being eloquent and smart, having a great appearance is also crucial when presenting yourself, whether you are at a job interview or just meeting people around campus. As a journalism student constantly bombarded by deadlines, I need things done in a FLASH. With a couple of minutes a day, you can pull together a great outfit along with a fresh-looking face. FLASHION will teach you a couple of my tricks to be fashionable yet money-conscious while saving time.