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What is UF ECUASA?

ECUASA stands for the Ecuadorian Student Association. ECUASA is an new student organization at the University of Florida that hopes to bring students with Ecuadorian background together and any other students looking for an opportunity to get involved at UF through a cultural organization. What better way than to meet other Ecuadorians and maintain a big piece of the culture, language, dance and food through a close bond? In this website you will learn about this new organization on campus and the wonderful opportunities it brings to the Gator Nation through fun events, rich cultural gatherings, philanthropic work and unity.

Why Ecuador?

It is estimated that there are about 450,000 Ecuadorians living the United States. Of those, many live in Florida and of those, the University of Florida is priviledged in having many Ecuadorian students study at the institution. We believe it is important to create an organization that is able to unite people from Ecuadorian background and those interested in the culture because it brings a piece of home to those that are living away from their hometown. It is important to cherish our roots and spread awareness of our beautiful country.