Capoeira: A dialogue between two players

A brief look at the history of Capoeira

This is a man in a Capoeira position This pictures shows African slaves using the dance-like moves of Capoeira to practice martial arts

African slaves disguised martial arts through Capoeira.

Originating in Africa, Capoeira was brought to Brazil by captured slaves from Angola more than 400 years ago. According to Assistant Instructor Shokito, Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that blends music, dance, singing and acrobatics. The Angolan slaves used Capoeira's dance-like appearance to hide their training of combat and defense because it was illegal for slaves to practice any form of martial arts. Therefore, Capoeira allowed them to train physically while giving the slave masters the impression that they were merely entertaining themselves.

Capoeira is now practiced internationally by men and women as well as children.