Anyone can do it: It's Everywhere

This is a man in a Capoeira position

In recent years, capoeira has become an American fad. Gyms across college campuses are offering classes for students and faculty and studios are opening up left and right. It is becoming a part of American popular culture. In fact, capoeira has been featured in movies, television shows, comic books, music, dance and video games.

More recent and more widely seen movies such as 2004's successful Meet the Fockers and Ocean's Twelve both featured capoeira in several short, but memorable scenes. "Meet the Fockers" portrays capoeira as a useless but amusing joke martial art, while an antagonist in "Ocean's Twelve" uses his proficient capoeira training to bypass an advanced laser-based security system. Pop singer Ricky Martin trained Capoeira under the group Capoeira Abolicao in Miami, Fl. He has showcased the art in many television interviews, worldwide. Breakdancing, developed in the 1970s, has many analogous moves. Indeed, many Brazilians had immigrated to the US, and particularly to New York, by that time, and would practice capoeira in the streets where it was able to influence this new dance form.

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