A Brief Intro

How to fight capoeira

This is a man in a Capoeira postition

"É tempo de aprender Capoeira!" That's Portuguese for, "It's time to learn Capoeira!"

Hi, and welcome to my site. My name is Lynette Zilio, and 'm going to teach you how to fight Capoeira. To put things into perspective for you, I am not an advanced Capoeira dancer by any means, but I do have about 11 years of dance experience under my belt. I have taken a few Capoeira classes and have gotten the hang of the basics. By going through a brief history, the steps and the health benefits, among other aspects, I will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of what Capoeira is all about.

To give you an expert's knowledge on the art form, I posted a Capoeira video that I recorded at the Brazilian Cultural Arts Exchange in Gainesville, Fla. I interviewed Assistant Instructor Shokito who has been doing Capoeira for six years.

Hope you enjoy it!