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The wedding day starts with a series of pre-ceremony customs. In the morning of the wedding day, the bride waits in her parents' house until the groom comes to obtain her. The groom would lead a procession to the bride's home. Firecrackers, loud gongs, and drums are used to mark the start of the procession.

When the groom arrives at the bride's home, however, he can not see his bride so easily. The bride's friends would block the door, make the groom perform some tricks, and not "surrender" the bride until they receive red envelopes with cash from the groom. This is known as the bridesmaids' door game. The bride may want to remind your friends beforehand so that they will not come up with too tricky requirements for the groom.

The groom then carries the brides on his back to the sedan chair waiting outside the bride's house. A red mat would be placed before the sedan chair so that the bride's feet wouldn't have to touch the bare earth when she steps into it. Then the procession heads to the place for the wedding ceremony, with the groom riding on a horse leading the procession. Attendants with lanterns, as well as banners, musicians, and a lion dancers would follow.

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