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Popular flowers used in Chinese weddings and their meanings:
Peonies: brand new life
Lotuses: being scent, purity, softness and loveliness
Daffodils: change and renewed life
Orchids: love and fertility

Decorations for Wedding Place

When you have decided where to hold your ceremony, design the color scheme and decorations to make it go along with the wedding.

The Chinese character "Double Happiness" is almost indispensable in a traditional Chinese wedding, as it is the most obvious symbol of a wedding event. It can appear everywhere in the wedding ceremony, from invitation letters to tablecloth. The color of the character is usually red, occasionally black or gold with a red background.

Phoenix,Double Happiness,and Dragon

The pattern of dragon and phoenix is also used frequently in Chinese wedding decorations, symbolizing the groom and bride respectively. They are most often embroidered on wedding dresses.

Red is the color most often used in traditional Chinese weddings, since it carries a largely positive connotation in Chinese culture, being associated with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility, happiness,and passion. Gold is a very popular color to match red. Traditionally, the color gold can be used only by emperors as a symbol of the highest status. The combination of red and gold provide people a strong sense of happiness and honor. Avoid white as much as possible, since white is related to death and funeral in traditional Chinese culture. The only occasion that white is accepted for use in Chinese wedding is the use of white lilies in bouquets with other flowers like red roses, because the Chinese name for lily, baihe, has a connotation of happiness ever after.

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