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Dates that contain the number of 6, 8, and 10 are the most favorable for a Chinese wedding.
In Chinese culture,
6 symbolizes success,
8 indicates wealth, and
10 stands for perfection. Although even days are preferred, dates with the number 9 are also welcomed, since 9 symbolizes the ongoing happiness.

Date Picking

Things start from picking the date for the wedding.

Date picking is of great importance for Chinese wedding, because people believe that an auspicious wedding date can bring good luck to the couples in the future. A real traditional way to do that is to refer to the Chinese almanac, as lucky days for wedding are marked in it. The date best suited for the couples is based on their birth dates and Chinese zodiac signs. Generally, it's considered good luck to marry on an even day and month of the year.

Chinese wedding

Of course, other aspects should be taken into consideration when choosing a wedding date. Which season do you prefer? Is the working schedule of yours and your families appropriate for your wedding? Also, consider seriously what the weather will be like on your optional wedding dates. Having a wedding in a rainy day will not only cause you great inconvenience, but is generally regarded as ominous.

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