title image unveilling the bride


The ceremony itself is relatively simple compared to other Chinese wedding elements. In fact, the wedding ceremony was seen more as a way to announce the wedding, which was then followed by the banquet. There would be a professional host for the ceremony, who would instruct the bride and groom what they should do and give explanations to those rituals for audiences of the ceremony as well.

Usually, the bride and groom would bow three times-- the first bow to the heaven and earth, the second bow to their parents, and the third bow to each other. Sometimes the groom would also shoot three arrows into the sky, which also signifies good luck in the future. Then comes the climax of the ceremony-- the groom unveils the bride, who then shows her face to the guests for the first time in the wedding day.

Then follows the tea ceremony, which is regarded as the quintessential Chinese wedding tradition. The bride and groom's parents sit in chairs facing the couple, who kneel down to serve tea to them. The parents would give red envelopes with cash or jewelry to the couple as a symbol of their cordial wishes for their happiness.

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