Steps on how to be a successful Co-op Member. Fixing Equipment
  1. From interviewing numerous worker-owners at Civilization, a similar piece of advice was given for interested members wanting to join a co-op--Patience. Many people agreed that acquiring patience and perseverance is paramount for being a successful co-op member.
  2. A prospective member must be willing to invest more time and energy into a co-op than previous traditional jobs. Worker-owners at Civilization have often said that when they pass by a piece of trash on the ground at the restaurant it is no longer someone else's responsibility to pick up the trash--it's yours. The ideal co-op mindset is to understand that you must have pride in your business and therefore want to do anything possible to make it succeed.

    Some members of Civilization volunteer to mow the lawn around the building on days off or work on crafting revised versions of their by-laws. Overall, members are willing to devote time and energy to improving their restaurant in any means possible.

  3. Meetings are the co-ops forums for discusses issues with members and ultimately making business decisions. Being able to attend the meetings is key to becoming a successful member; however more is needed that simply being present at meetings.

    Being able to eloquently convey your opinions at meetings is extremely important. In order to try and keep meetings succinct, members should strive to come prepared on what they want to talk about and try not to belabor their issues. Also, being educated and knowledgeable about your businesses' by-laws are necessary and helpful.