Civilization's Prospective By-laws

Eating at Civilization

The By-laws for a cooperative is a intergal part in what separtes them from traditional businesses. The purpose of by-laws are to have set guidelines for the way of handling all businesses practices. With By-laws in place members can reference the rules for handling disputes, issues, and all other concerns effiently. Here is a look at a portion of Civilzation's proposed by-laws.

Membership Requirements

Membership means co-ownership and management of the organization with fellow members. To become a member and co-owner an individual must be hired on for a trial or candidacy period of six months work that allows for discernment as to whether membership is the right choice for all parties. Successful completion of the candidacy period is a mandatory prerequisite for consideration of any candidate’s inclusion into the membership of Civilization. In addition membership requirements also include:

  1. Attending at least 3 monthly board meetings.

  2. Being voted in and approved, as set forth in Section 2.2.3, by the existing membership or hiring committee following the candidacy period described above.

  3. Making payment of the initial capital contribution/membership fee as set forth in Section 2.4. A worker is considered a member and eligible to vote on co-op matters when they start making payments towards the membership fee and continue to do so on a regular payment plan.

  4. Supporting cooperative principles and being a good representative of the co-op, interacting respectfully with clients, the community, and fellow members. The member will be familiar with and meet the terms of the personnel policy, board policy, and these bylaws and be an active participant in the cooperative process.