Some nuggets of information well worth knowing...

  1. Chileans love candy! When you step out onto a busy street in Santiago, any direction you turn you will see someone either eating, buying or selling candy. There are infinite kinds from an infinite number of brands. The sheer volume of it is overwhelming. A few gems you would do well not to ignore are: Super Ochos (Super Eights) - sort of like sugary, crunchy wafers covered in chocolate; Vizzio (Vice) - chocolate covered almonds, I know they sound simple, but they're incredible; Trencito (Small Train) - some amazing little milk chocolate bars.
  2. Another snack that you'll find on practically every street corner are candy and honey roasted almonds and nuts. They are sold out of what look like hot dog stands and they'll say "Nuts 4 Nuts" on them. What's great is that they roast the nuts right there in the cart, so every bag you buy - for next to nothing - is nice and warm.
  3. This may or may not disgust you: Chileans put mayonnaise on everything. Alot of it. They put it on salads, on vegetables, of course on their impossibly stacked completos, on potatos and probably too much more for me to write without vomiting.