Gato Negro is like the Coca-Cola of Chilean wines. You're probably not going to impress anybody with it, but it won't break the bank and it tastes great. My uncle called this a "table-wine." It's not something you bring out on special occassions, but rather,the wine you drink when you're watching the game or when you want to relax after a long day. It's very easy to come by all over the world, including the United States in everything from gas stations to Wal-Mart. Gato Negro is only one of the wines offered under the San Pedro label, which has apparently been in operation for almost a hundred and fifty years. My personal favorite of Gato Negro's wines was the 2008 Syrah. I'll be honest: I couldn't really find any of the "smoke" or "coffee" notes that the bottle described, but I did like it, and that's what counts.