The name of this deliciously over-encumbered monstrosity translates to "the complete one." It is essentially a regular old hot dog, except Chileans like to smother them with toppings - somewhat bizarre ones - until they are slipping, tumbling and pouring out of the bun like the giant shards of a melting glacier. The one pictured is the standard completo and it is served with mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, freshly diced tomato chunks and onions, and a mildly spicy salsa called aji. There are many other variations, but the original is, in my opinion, the best. One of the stranger types of completos - but also quite delicious - is called "the dynamic one" or la dinamica. This has everything the original does, but they add mashed avocados (not guacamole, but what us Chileans dominocall palta) and cheese.

Also shown is the company logo of the completo's most popular provider, Domino (no relation to the pizza delivery chain). Domino has been serving up this delightflly gluttonous treat since 1952, according to their own website. I've been curious as to the origins of the completo for a long time and although some countries do have similar hot dog creations, I have concluded that the completo that exists in Chile, is unlike any other I have ever encountered. Completos are truly a unique Chilean creation.