I like good food. I love it. However, for some time now it has become apparent to me that a lot of good food, some of the best in fact, goes overlooked or largely unnoticed. I believe Chilean cuisine falls into this category and being a very proud Chilean myself, I felt a bit of an obligation to give my people and their gastronomy some long overdue credit. On my latest trip to the motherland I took it upon myself to do a little taste-show-and-tell in honor of Chile's finest.

Why food? Because you can tell a lot about a people from what they eat. Because contained in those steaming bubbling broths, in those sizzling spiced meats, in grandma's secret recipes are entire histories, expressions of character and national identity. I also lunchtime decided I'd show off some of Chile's world class wine. Over there a jug of red or white, cabernet or chardonnay is ubiquitous. You drink with meals, without meals, simply because it's too good not to. With that, I had imposed on myself a simple enough task: Determine three unmissable dishes and wines unique to that thin strip of land lining South America's west coast. But my mission was much more than just a taste-test, it was to learn and analyze my culture in a most profound (and delicious) way. This site is a summary of my findings and a blatant, shameless display of patriotism. Buen provecho!