Give back to the community.

Usually, students only stay in Gainesville for their college career. Most of you will venture out and do amazing things elsewhere. However, its important to give back to the community you live in, whether permanently or not. Dance Alive National Ballet has established programs for the neglected, underpriveldged or misfortunate. Being a non-profit themselves they still feel the need to help others. Work with us and you will find joy and fufillment with the work that you do.

Good for Sororities and Fraternaties

It is very beneficial for a Greek organization to work with Dance Alive. We are are prestigious, growing company that not only focuses on our needs, but the needs of others. We are local, easily available and willing to work for you. It will boost your organization's impact, exposure and public image. The best philanthropies are those who work with you while you work for them.


Dance Alive has been in Gainesville over 40 years. This means that we have made many contacts within the community who support us regularly. Whether we host special events, fundraisers or performances we always garner a large, loyal crowd. By volunteering with us, you will be privey to these contacts and will work with them closely. Networking in this day and age is a neccessity, let us make it easier for you.

Job Enhancement

Finding a job right out of college is hard for students. You all know that it is very important to have internships under your belt before you go into the "real" world. When you work with Dance Alive, you get hands on experience that will help you in your future career. Dance Alive is very flexible with the amount or time of work that one person must do. It's a wonderful chance to do something good for the community while benefiting yourself.

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