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Learning to drive a manual transmission can be a frustrating and scary experience especially the first week of driving in traffic. Be wary of the hazards and you won’t be surprised later.

Stalling Out


You will stall out in traffic. It's more than a fact, it's a guarantee. The point is not to panic. Just compress the clutch, shift back into first gear and restart your engine. Stalling refers to the unexpected stop of the engine turning. The engine will stall if the driver takes his or her foot off the clutch too quickly while stationary or if he or she forgets to depress the clutch when changing gears.

Rolling Back


If you are at a stop on an incline, the minute you take your foot off the brake you will roll back. Go ahead and panic a little, especially if there is a car behind you because you must act quickly. The right foot is used for both the brake and the accelerator so the only solution is to hit the gas the second you release the brake while decompressing the clutch.