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Why learn anything? Why learn to swim? People don't live in the water. Many people have lead happy and fufilled lives without knowing how to swim or how to drive manual transmission for that matter. So why learn either?

Knowing how to to swim can a) save your life and b) can be enjoyable. The same logic an be applied to driving a manual transmission. I've watched enough action films in my life to see how the ability to jump into any car can help you allude the police, terrorists and goons of evil international organizations. Wouldn't the movie suck if the hero couldn't drive the car he had just lifted during a heated chase?

Driving a manual car can also be enjoyable. An automatic is pretty brainless: put the car in drive and go. Two pedals. One foot. When driving a manual, the driver must actually pay attention. Manual transmissions are also less expensive, can be started without a key (for all you car thieves out there), they tend to have better feul economy and allow more control when driving.

But really the question is why not. Knowledge is good. Really stupid people all over the world know how to drive a manual so I think you're also capable of learning it.

A Disclaimer

You cannot learn how to drive a manual transmission from a website. It just isn't possible. You can only learn how to drive a manual by pressing your foot on the clutch. This website contains a basic overview of driving a manual transmission beginning with car features, how to start a manual car, tips on shifting and things to avoid.

The best way to learn how to drive a manual car is to find an old car that you don't mind abusing and to find a patient person who won't abuse you after stalling out for the 20th time.