The newsroom is made up of several integral sections of a paper which generate all of the editorial material. The larger a paper is, the more sections it is able to have, meaning that it can have more staff dedicated to specific beats.

There are many positions within the newsroom that all serve a specific function ranging from the editor-in-chief, who is in charge of the whole sha-bang, down to the intern, who runs for coffee.

These sections vary from paper to paper depending on their size and the readership they serve. At the Independent Florida Alligator, most of the readership is made up of students, so there is a entire section, the University section, which includes an editor and several writers, covering the beat.

Other sections you may find at most papers are the metro section, sports, photo or multimedia, entertainment, arts, business and many more depending on the size and location of the paper.

Here now to give you a real life explanation of how a small local paper newsroom works is Kristen Bjornsen, the Editor-in-Chief of the Independent Florida Alligator in Gainesville, Florida.

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