The advertising department at any paper is the other side of the coin for the whole operation. It is what generates the revenue that allows the paper to keep publishing and pay its employees.

The ad department sells ad space priced by the amount of readers a paper has, the more readers, the higher the price. Price is also determined by the size and location of an ad inside of the paper itself.

What many donít realize is that the ads come first, meaning that they dictate how much space is available for actual news content and its placement. The best way to think of this delicate system is as an ever repeating cycle that allows the paper to exist

According to How Stuff Works, most newspapers have 60- 40 ratio of ads to news, but our real-life example paper, the Alligator, uses about a 50-50 ratio according to the ad department.

Here is an explanation of the system by a working advertising professional at the Alligator.

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