Just about everyone has read a newspaper at some point or another, but not everyone knows how they come to be. Mostly people think that a reporter goes to a story, writes about it and wa-la, a newspaper story is born.

The process it takes to put together a good paper is long and complex and consists of many moving parts and people, In this site, I'm going to give you a brief tour of How Your Newspaper Works.

Most newspapers consist of several sections that all contribute to make everything come together. These sections include the Newsroom, Copy, Advertising and Production. Granted there are several other sections that can fall under these but in general, these are what make up a paper.

This tour will give you the knowledge you need to realize the tremendous effort it takes to run and publish a good newspaper

This site may also prove helpful to those interested in beginning a career or education in journalism. We will talk with editors and professionals working currently at a local paper in Gainesville, Florida. This paper, the Independent Florida Alligator, publishes 5 days week and serves a readership of about 32,000.

Although individuals papers are ran slightly different from one to another, the basic tenets and sections remain the same.

So welcome and please enjoy the content I have provided for your curiosity and education.

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