Girl's Guide to College Football

Girls speak out

The college football connection:

Personally, I love college football because I love the atmosphere inside a stadium. I love being surrounded by a passionate group of people who are all cheering for the same thing. If the game gets close, I feel like I am fighting with my team to win.

I am not the only girl who feels a strong attachment to the sport. This is what some others had to say:

Can girls understand college football as well as boys do?

Alligator Sports Writer Anthony Chiang likes to analyze the game when he watches it. "When my friends ask if I want to watch it a party or a sports bar, I'd rather concente on the game and see what strategies they are using," he says.

Most people watch games to have fun and because want their team to win, he says. "Girls watch it because they like Tim Tebow," he laughs.

These ladies pay attention to more than Tim Tebow: