Find a pub close to your flat that you can call your own. Pubs are a great place to converse with locals. As an American, you're a pretty rare breed in the UK, so don't be surprised if you become popular. The menus at pubs differ. Some offer full-course meals and others only offer snacks and desserts.

At many London pubs, you don't tip--you simply pay the price of your meal at the register. If you do have a waiter/waitress, you should give a 10 percent to 15 perecent tip.

I won't pretend to be an expert on pubs, but I've found some useful articles that offer quick advice about the London pub scene. Check out the phonebooth.


While in London, some of my American friends went to a bar every Tuesday night where they played beer pong and spent time with other Americans. I went with them a few times, but I wish I had taken time to go to more hangouts frequented by locals. Here's some advice about clubs to check out from my friend Louis Boroditsky, a London resident and an employee with NOW, a London celebrity-gossip magazine.


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