The Tube is the British term for the subway. I found this to be the quickest way to get around the city. Use the journey planner on the Transport for London Web site before you rush to catch the Tube. This handy planner shows you exactly which lines you need to take. If you don't have the time to access the site, grab a tube map and go seek help from a tube station attendant.

Buy an Oyster card. You put money on the card ahead of time so you don't have to worry about buying a ticket every time you ride the Tube or the bus. Depending on the length of your program, you may be eligible for a student discount. There are also different types of plans to purchase. You can get a card for specific zones of the city's Tube lines, and you can also specify when you want your card to expire.


I never really mastered the bus system, but I wish I had. Bus maps are posted at bus stops, which are also scattered around London. You can use the journey planner on Transport for London's site for the bus system as well. As my supervisor at work pointed out, buses also have the advantage of offering a quick tour of beautiful London!


Black Cab

A classy alternative to the buses and subways, black cabs can get pricey, but they may prove to be your best option after a late night out because you and your friends can split the fee. describes the intense training required for the London cab drivers. It also notes that additional fees kick in starting at around 8 p.m., so you may be forced to pay extra on nigthtime cab rides.


Exchange rate

Withdrawing money

In the U.K., you don't withdraw money from the ATM. You withdraw from a hole-in-the-wall. There are holes-in-the-wall all over London, but they are not created equal.