Nail This--Current Trends

The main colors that are popular have been dark colors like black, or reds, icy blues and metallics. I’ve seen all of these colors worn by celebrities in the past few months, and they all look great! The dark colors and the blues look better on short, square tip nails, and although I prefer a glossy shiny finish, the big trend now is to use a matte finish.

For Fall/Winter 2009, the runways all had nude polish as well as the “cool” colors. The nude colors were more brown than pink to make the nails look as natural as possible. Designers wanted the nails to just look like an extension of the hands, and not be distracting from the clothes.

opitryThe OPI Web site has a great tool that lets you test polish using a virtual hand that can be adjusted to show different skin tones and lengths. I like using this "Try it On" application when I'm deciding between colors. It's saved me a lot of time and comes in handy when I'm looking for new colors!