tokiadoexTokiado Express is a deep purple with golden sparkles, and once the sun hits it, it shines. This color is part of the new Fall line, and it screams fashion. Nars polishes are about $16, but they literally last forever and their colors are just as vivid as their makeup.

godivaLady Godiva from Essie is my favorite color because it looks as edible and delicious as real chocolate. This is my go-to polish and works with any outfit for any event. This is also a color that looks nice with all skin tones, so anyone can enjoy it!

superstar Lippmann polishes are expensive, but worth it when it comes to colors as amazing as this. I love the big flecks of both gold and copper, and it makes my nails look like a million bucks, literally. Spending almost $20 on a nail polish can be a little much, but you'll definitely see your favorite celebrity wearing Superstar or any of Lippmann's polishes!

nevershoes Never Enough Shoes is my new favorite dark polish. I don't usually wear really dark colors, but this black has colorful sparkles in it, making it look more girly than rock star. Dark polishes look fantastic on short, square nails, so make sure you file your nails before you use this color.