My three favorite nail polish brands are Essie, OPI and Lippmann.

essieEssie: I love the colors that Essie creates. I’ve got about two polishes from every seasonal collection, and I still die over their new colors. Everytime I think that they’ve created the best color I’ve ever seen, they outdo themselves and release a new color that I’ve GOT to have.

opiOPI: OPI has got to have the best quality nail polish ever. Their brushes are big and thick, so you cover your entire nail in one even stroke.

The polishes themselves are also thick and are more silicone-based than water-based, meaning you only have to do one or two coats to get the opaque color you want. OPI also just launched a line with make-up retailer, Sephora, so there are even MORE colors. Wahoo!

lippmannLippmann: My mom has sworn by Lippmann forever, and although there aren’t that many colors to choose from, these polishes never (and I mean NEVER) chip. No matter what you do to them, the color never chips and never fades. At $20 a bottle, they better not.