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Rochelle Route

Governor Perry

Journey to the Colonel's Forgotten Grave

Much like the Lochloosa route, the Rochelle route is more about the destination than it is about the route itself. The way does go up and down a few lazy slopes, but it is generally pretty flat. The road is paved the whole way and it doesn’t have too much traffic. The scenery is pretty nondescript but the Governor’s grave makes up for it (he was Governor of Florida before he became a Colonel in the Confederate Army). Plus, you drive right by the Pearl Country Store, home of the best barbecue in the tri-state area! I recommend getting your food after your ride…

Route Highlights
Pearl Country Store

The Pearl Country Store is renowned for having some of the best barbecue around. Breakfast is great too and ridiculously cheap. If you aren’t interested in eating you can stop in and get a water bottle for your ride or gas for your car or a book about Florida’s history or…

The Turkey Roost

While you can do or buy just about anything at Pearl, the only thing you can do at the Turkey Roost is stand outside the gate. Which is nice…

Oak Ridge Cemetery

Tucked away in a corner of this seemingly forgotten cemetery in the middle of nowhere is one of Florida’s most influential governors, Madison Starke Perry. Governor of Florida during the outbreak of the Civil War, Perry recommended that the state secede from the union. At the end of his term he joined the Confederate Army and was made a colonel.

Route Directions
1. Take Cholokka Blvd 0.4 miles north to US-441.

Cruise along scenic Cholokka Blvd to the mighty 441.

The Lone Palm
2. Continue straight across US-441 onto Co. Rd. 234 to destination 3.6 miles away.

Continue on past Pearl Country Store (or stop if you’d rather have some awesome barbecue than bike…). Again, there’s not much of a shoulder but there’s even less traffic so not much to worry about there. There are a few slight hills, one of which running down away from a large house on the right named the “Turkey Roost”. Just around the corner down the road from this house, as you break away from the tree line into what is essentially the middle of nowhere, you will come upon the Oak Ridge Cemetery on the right.

One Way: 4 miles
Round Trip: 8 miles
Travel Time: 20-25 minutes one way

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