Downtown Micanopy

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What You'll Find Here

I've picked out nine of my favorite biking routes around Micanopy to share with the world. On each route's page you will find:

What You'll Find Out There

The roads around Micanopy are generally quiet, lightly traveled and surrounded by long, pastoral views. Roads frequently pass by farms, ranches and lakes. Also, a number of historical gems are sprinkled around the area, including a post office in operation since the 19th century and the final resting place of Governor Perry, who led Florida into the Civil War. Along the way, riders will come across a few hills, some unpaved roads, and the occasional eight-point buck. So get on your bike and let's head out!

The Herlong Mansion
A Few Words About Micanopy

Micanopy, Florida (estb. 1821) is the oldest inland community in all of Florida. Through the years, the town has maintained its character and its small town feel. Only about 700 people live within the city borders today. However, the town has more than its share of history and historical sites, from the Herlong Mansion, to the beautiful Historic Cemetery of Micanopy. Walking down the street towards the tiny downtown, it's easy to imagine that you are back at the turn of the century. Stop by, pick up some antiques (every other store in town is an antique shop) and're in Micanopy!

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