How to make sushi

While going out to eat sushi can be fun, it can also be expensive.

In the video to the right, a reporter from Epicurious learns how to make Tuna Maki with Chef Shirley Cheng from the Culinary Institute of America.

The ingredients for Tuna Maki, a very basic roll, are sushi rice, seaweed, cucumber, a little wasabi and sushi-grade tuna.

The seaweed needs to be kept dry and opened right before use, so that it keeps the proper texture and freshness. Cheng also suggests that you should submerge your hands in ice water before applying the rice to the seaweed. By drastically cooling the temperature of your hands, you ensure that the sticky sushi rice will spread onto the seaweed easily, instead of sticking to you.

If you're feeling inspired, you can buy sushi kits from MySushiSet for around $30. Remember that the good thing about making sushi is that even mistakes are tasty.